Vital statistics
Full Name Smelly
Gender Male
Family David Sawyer (owner)
Bryan Collins (owner)
Harvey Milkbone (Puppy; deceased)
Relationships Mable (Partner)
Friends David Sawyer
Bryan Collins
Enemies N/A
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black, White, and Brown
Other Information
Nicknames N/A
Portrayer Unknown Bernese Mountain Dog
Smelly is the dog owned by Bryan and David, introduced in the first episode of season one, Pilot.


Season OneEdit


Smelly first appears in the episode Pilot. He is first seen on the couch with David, who is drinking beer and watching the NFL, when Bryan announces to David that he wants them to have and raise a child.

Later in the episode it is revealed that Smelly has offspring, and David and Bryan take it for walks in a pram.

Sofa's ChoiceEdit

Smelly is seen at the end of the episode walking around the living room when they find out Goldie is pregnant.

Obama MamaEdit

Bryan feeds the dog half of a burger when David almost catches him eating fast food.


Shania says that she puked Smelly


He appears in the video Bryan made.

Dog ChildrenEdit

Smelly appears sleeping next to his puppy Harvey, it is also the episode where his puppy dies.


  • Likes to eat human food.
  • Eats the junk food Bryan hides from David.
  • According to Ryan's Tweet, it's puppy's name is Harvey Milkbone.
  • Bryan and David held a commitment ceremony for him and Mable, the mother of his puppy.