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Sawyer Collins in the delivery room bassinet

Sawyer Laurence Andrew Joseph Collins: Is the first son and child of Bryan Collins and David Sawyer. Goldie Clemmons carried Sawyer for Brian and David through Season 1. Sawyer was born unexpectedly on Bryan and David's wedding days Bryan and David's wedding was post-poned due to Goldie's water breaking, thus Sawyer's birth. Shania and Rocky are Collins' godparents.  Rocky filmed his birth, as Goldie gave birth to him.

His known grandparents are Colleen Collins, Marty and Frances Sawyer. Sawyer is the oldest of the Collins children.

At 39 weeks gestation, Bryan and David are determined to get married before the birth of their baby, however Sawyer is technically born a bastard because Goldie's water broke before they took their vows, and the wedding was postponed to be with Goldie in the delivery room.


A family is born


(From left to right)Shania, Nikki, Bryan, Sawyer, David, Goldie, Rocky


Goldie in labor


Goldie gets to hold the child she's been carrying for Bryan and David for nine months

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Bryan, David, and Sawyer