Rocky Bye Baby
Season One, Episode Eighteen
Rocky Bye Baby 4
First Aired February 26, 2013
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"Dog Children"
"Blood, Sweat and Fears"

Rocky Bye Baby Source will be the eighteenth episode of season one of The New Normal. It will air on February 26, 2013 on NBC at 9:30 EST. It was directed by Paris Barclay and written by Karey Dornetto. Source



  • Despite being completely against having a baby shower, Bryan and David finally relent after seeing how much Shania, Goldie and especially Rocky want to throw one for them. Unbeknownst to everyone, the boys decide to donate all their baby shower gifts to a local adoption center, including the mink onesie purchased by Jane and Rocky. Elsewhere, Clay and Shania come up with the idea to have a surprise shower for Goldie since she has two babies now and has never experienced such a celebration. Later, Rocky and Jane visit the adoption center to take back their mink onesie returned by Bryan and David, and Rocky comes out with more than she bargained for.