Season One, Episode Five
First Aired October 2, 2012
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Nanagasm is the fifth episode of season one of The New Normal. It aired on NBC on October 2, 2012 at 9:30 PM EST. It was directed by Miguel Arteta and written by Adam Barr.


The episode starts with David, Bryan, Shania and Goldie coming back home from surfing. They are talking about Shania's "California dreams bucket list" and her fear that they'll have to move back to Ohaio, if her mom loses custody. David kinda dampens the mood, when he reminds his partner, that his mother is coming to visit. It turns out that Bryan doesn't get along with her.

There's a short flashback with Goldie meeting her invidious, who just cleant up Clay's room.

Next Jane is seen getting drunk at a bar. She tells the barkeeper that she can't wait to get back to Ohio, when a guy named Paul offers to buy her a drink. He flirts with her and she tries flirting back, although she is a little bit out of pratice.

In the next scene David and Bryan sit in a restaurant and David's mom, Frances, and Goldie appear. David tells her that Goldie is their surrogate and his mom is amazed. But she immediately wants to know who's sperm it is and when she finds out it's David's she is relieved. Besides she totally ignores Bryan, but want Goldie to call her mom.

Again there is a short scene with Jane and Paul flirting.

Next Bryan and David are lying in their bed and Bryan complains about his partner's mother. Of course he tries to defend her, but Bryan tells him that she is always trying to out-do him. There's a short flashback where David's mum outshines Bryan's turkey with a perfect, flambè dessert. David argues that they should sit down and work it out like adults.

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