Jane Forrest
Vital statistics
Full Name Jane Elizabeth Martha Forrest
Gender Female
Birthday 1955/6
Residence Ohio (Forrest Residence)(former)
Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles, California (current)
Nationality Caucasian
Family Goldie Clemmons (granddaughter)
Shania Clemmons (great-granddaughter)
Edgar Forrest (former husband)
Unnamed Daughter
Clay Clemmons (grandson-in-law)
Relationships Edgar Forrest (formerly married)
Paul (sexual;ended)
Hot Young Guy (sexual)
Friends Clay Clemmons (possibly)
Rocky Rhoades (sometimes)
Enemies Rocky Rhoades (possibly former)
Bryan Collins (sometimes)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7
Other Information
Sexuality Straight
Education Unknown
Strengths Her looks
Weaknesses Acceptance
Vulnerabilities People different to her
Her personal life
Nicknames Nana From Hell (Goldie's phone)
Nana (Goldie, Shania, Clay)
The White Imperial Wizard (Bryan)
@NanaUrBusiness (Twitter Username)
Occupations Real Estate Agent
Portrayer Ellen Barkin
Ashlee Fuss (Younger)
Jane Elizabeth Martha Forrest is a main character on the TV show, The New Normal . She is the uptight and slightly offensive grandmother of Goldie Clemmons. She follows her and her daughter to LA without their knowledge or permission.

She is portrayed by Ellen Barkin.


Jane is the grandmother of Goldie and great-grandmother of Shania . It is found out in Pilot that her husband was secretly homosexual. She is offensive most notably towards African-Americans and Gays. She had Goldie's mother when she was 16. She is 56 years old in the series.

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In the Pilot Jane is first seen in a car with her granddaughter, Goldie Clemmons, insulting a lesbian couple walking down the street. When she finds out that Goldie's husband has betrayed her she walks into his house and threatens him with a gun, but leaves without harming him. Later on she contacts the police, because Goldie stole her car, and follows her to California. She is shocked that her granddaughter wants to give her child to a gay couple and is even more horrified by the time Rocky brings (poached) eggs to Bryan , assuming that Rocky is going to be the biological mother. After both Rocky and David argue with her she tells the others that she found her husband sleeping with another man, which explains her homophobia. Goldie yells at her saying she wants to give them a child, so Jane gives up.

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  • She stayed with her husband for ten years after she found out he was gay. (Pilot)
  • It's assumed she is a Christian.
  • Had Goldie's mom when she was 16. (Pilot)
  • Was a grandmother at 34 (Goldie's mom was 18)
  • Was a great-grandmother at 49
  • She is a republican. (Obama Mama)
  • She forced her daughter to keep her baby. (Obama Mama)
  • She stole Goldie's voting ballot in 2008. (Obama Mama)
  • She thinks suing Goldie for custody is the smartest thing Clay has ever done. (Obama Mama)
  • She believes she is the last real American, aside from Newt Gingrich. (Pardon Me)
  • After her transformation, she changed her bigoted ways and became more accepting to Bryan and David.



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