Goldie Clemmons
Vital statistics
Full Name Marigold Athena Jeanette Clemmons
Gender Female
Birthday 1987/88
Residence Ohio (Clemmons Residence) (former)
Los Angeles, California (current)
Nationality Caucasian.
Family Shania Clemmons (daughter)
Jane Forrest (grandmother)
Edgar Forrest (grandfather)
Unnamed Mother
Sawyer Collins (gave birth to as surrogate)
Relationships Clay Clemmons (ex-husband)
Clint (secret ex-boyfriend)
Friends Bryan Collins
David Sawyer
Enemies Jane Forrest (sometimes)
Charity Clemmons
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'9
Other Information
Sexuality Straight
Education High school with Clay (dropped out)
Strengths Acceptance
Being a Mother
Weaknesses Not being independent
Junk food
Vulnerabilities Not following her dreams
People leaving her
Trusting people
Nicknames Honey (David)
Adorable Blonde with the Button Nose and the Big Goyish Eyes (Frances)
Greatest Mom Ever (Shania)
Occupations Waitress (former)
Lawyer (former dream)
Creator of Awesome Girl Apparel
Portrayer Georgia King
Annika Arreola (Younger)

Marigold Athena Jeanette "Goldie" Clemmons is a main character on the TV show, The New Normal. She first appeared in the Pilot . She is the mother of Shania and David Sawyer and Bryan Collins's surrogate.

She is portrayed by Georgia King.


Goldie is a single mother who recently moved from Ohio to California with her daughter Shania. She had Shania when she was 15 and calls her "the best accident ever." Goldie wants to study to be a lawyer. She is doing the surrogacy for the money, which she plans to use to go to law school. As a baby, her mother ran away leaving her with her grandmother. She is 24 years old. Jane (Goldie's grandmother) had Goldie's mother when she was 18.

Goldie gives birth to Sawyer Collins in episode 22, interrupting Bryan and David's wedding to announce that her water broke.

Season One


In the Pilot, Goldie is first shown in a car with her daughter Shania and her grandmother Jane, who talks badly about a lesbian couple walking down the street. She then walks into her house where she discovers her husband in bed with another girl and tells him that it's over. When she tells her grandmother about it Jane walks inside and Goldie asks Shania, if she ever wanted to go anywhere else and her daughter answers with "Hawaii". So she steals the car and just drives away. They end up in California, where she tells her daughter about her dream about becoming a lawyer, but she doesn't have any money, so she decides to become a surrogate - she asks for a gay couple, because of what her grandmother said. She meets with Bryan and David and is immediately ready to do the operation. When David has troubles with the thoughts of becoming a dad she tells him that he's gonna be a great one. After the operation she receives a lawyer-suit from Bryan and David. The episode ends with Goldie looking at the pregnancy test's results.

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  • Her mother was 18 when she was born.
  • She dyes her hair. (Baby Clothes)
  • She dropped out of high school. (Baby Clothes)
  • She doesn't have a car. (Pilot)
  • She gave birth to Shania in a Rite Aid bathroom and paid 50 cents to get into the bathroom. (Pilot)
  • Her mom wanted to abort her. (Obama Mama)
  • Jane stole her voting ballot in 2008. (Obama Mama)
  • She has made many of Shania's costumes including her pretend-wedding dress (Bryanzilla), her Honey Boo Boo dress (Para-New Normal Activity), her pilgrim costume (Unplugged), and her Cher costume (The XY Factor).
  • She was born on a porch. (Bryanzilla)
  • Shania pleaded with her to not accept Clay's proposal to remarry.
  • She kept Clay in her daughter's life
  • At the end of the series Goldie grounds Shania for running away, and says that othh her and Clay are going to ground her.



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