Goldie-Clay Relationship
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General Information


Glay, Coldie

Intimacy Level:

Ex-husband and wife

Dating Status

Separated(to be divorced)

The Goldie-Clay Relationship is the former romantic relationship between Goldie Clemmons and Clay Clemmons. They are currently getting a divorce and are first scene in the Pilot. Prior to their separation, they lived in Jane's house with their daughter Shania .  Clay eventually tracked down Goldie and Shania.  He proposes to Goldie for a second time.  Although Goldie is dating [Clint], and she caught Clay with another woman, it's revealed later in [The Big Day] that Goldie still loves Clay. Seeing her mother falling for her father again, Shania Clemmons changes Goldie's mind about remarrying Clay Clemmons.


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Although they are not seen together in this episode, it is revealed that Clay is suing for custody of Shania .


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Clay enters and tells Goldie that Shania is fast asleep. He states how he didn't read to her, she read to him. Goldie complains about her neck having a kink and she goes over and sits on the bed and Clay sits next to her. He starts to massage her neck. She turns around and starts to kiss him passionately. The scene cuts off as they both lie on the bed, still kissing. Later revealed they had sex, but the baby's fine.