Goldie's Quotations are the quotations made by Goldie Clemmons on the NBC TV show, The New Normal.


Season OneEdit

You think we can make it to Honolulu on half a tank?

Goldie to Shania, Pilot

Based on the facts of my compelling argument and my use of big words like ipso facto, I respectfully request your return of verdict of not guilty as charged.

Goldie in her lawyer dream-sequence, Pilot

A family is a family, and love is love.

Goldie, Pilot

Having a baby is a huge step. Everything in your life is gonna be covered in poop, spit up and drool. It’ll be a bit like living with my soon to be ex-husband.

Goldie to David, Pilot

David: At work I’m a rock and at home I’m a rock. Like what Simon and Garfunkel would refer to as an island.

Goldie: Are those the doctors you work with?

David: Oh my god!


I became a mom in a Rite Aid bathroom. You had to borrow 25 cents to get into the stall.

Goldie, Pilot

That you can be whatever you wanna be no matter how many people tell you that you’re nothing.

Goldie to Jane about the message she's sending to Shania, Pilot