David's Quotations are the quotations made by David Sawyer on the NBC TV show, The New Normal.

Season OneEdit

Bry, we have to talk about your dieting.

David to Bryan, Pilot

Sweetie, you know you can’t return a baby to Barneys.

David to Bryan, Pilot

I don’t know. My dad screwed me up pretty good. What do you think two dads would do to a kid?

David to Bryan in reference to having a baby, Pilot

What about the things that matter, like intelligence or the ability for cognitive thought? Something that would give the kid a shot at being head of the Mathletes, like I was.

David to Gary, Pilot

He looks like me when I was a puppy.

David in reference to his dog, Pilot

David: At work I’m a rock and at home I’m a rock. Like what Simon and Garfunkel would refer to as an island.

Goldie: Are those the doctors you work with?

David: Oh my god!


Jane (To Goldie): What are you doing helping these salami smokers?

David: Wow.

Bryan: That’s a good one. That’s new.


This whole thing only started feeling real after we met you. You gave us, you gave me, hope.

David to Goldie