Clay Clemmons
Vital statistics
Full Name Clayton Alexander Jared Clemmons
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Residence Clemmon's residence, Ohio
Nationality Caucasian
Family Charity Clemmons (mother)
Shania Clemmons (daughter)
Goldie's Mom (mother-in-law)
Jane Forrest (grandmother-in-law)
Edgar Forrest (grandfather-in-law)
Relationships Goldie Clemmons (ex-wife)
Tabitha (sexual)
Jane Forrest (fake sexual want)
Friends Jane Forrest (maybe)
Shania Clemmons
Charity Clemmons
Enemies Clint
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height Unknown
Other Information
Sexuality Straight
Education High School with Goldie
Strengths Being a good friend
Weaknesses His lack of intellegence
Vulnerabilities Losing Shania
Nicknames Gherkin (to his genitals), The stupidest person alive (Jane)
Occupations Actor
Portrayer Jayson Blair

Clayton Alexander Jared "Clay" Clemmons is a main charcter on the TV show, The New Normal. He is the ex-husband of Goldie Clemmons. He is first seen in the Pilot. Clay was with Goldie prior to Pilot, but after she caught him cheating on her she broke it off with him and moved from Ohio to LA.

He is portrayed by Jayson Blair.


Season OneEdit


Clay first appeared in the season one epiosde Pilot. Goldie walks in on him and Tabitha , Clay has no excuse. Clay cheating is what made Goldie leave him, and move to LA so that she can persue her dream to be a lawyer.

After this enocunter Jane walks in, an threatens to kill him for cheating on her granddaughter, but she doesn't want to go to jail.

He's later shown at his house as Tabitha is helping Jane to find Goldie and Shania

Sofa's ChoiceEdit

Obama MamaEdit

Though Clay does not appear in this episode, it is revealed that he is suing Goldie for custody of Shania .


Para-New Normal ActivityEdit

Pardon MeEdit


Goldie ClemmonsEdit

Main Article: Goldie-Clay Relationship



  • He seems to be very unintelligent.
  • He plays guitar.
  • It's made clear in the series that he loves his daughter, Shania, very much.
  • He re-proposed to Goldie, who DID want to marry him again, but Shania didn't want it to happen
  • Thanks to a supportive parents, Goldie and he most likely legally married each other at the age of 15.
  • He and Goldie had sex in "Dog Children", possibly causing Goldie's cramps, this is a sign that the two were possibly getting back together




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