Bryan Collins
Vital statistics
Full Name Bryan Richard Tyler Collins
Gender Male
Birthday Unknown
Residence Los Angeles, California (Collins-Sawyer Residence)
Nationality Caucasian
Family David Sawyer (husband)
Saywer Collins (son)
Relationships David Sawyer (husband)
Friends David Sawyer
Goldie Clemmons
Shania Clemmons
Frances Sawyer
Enemies Jane Forrest (sometimes)
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Height 6' 1
Other Information
Sexuality Gay
Education {{{Education}}}
Strengths Kindness
Weaknesses one track mind
froyo/junk food
Vulnerabilities {{{Vulnerabilities}}}
Nicknames Bry & Sweetie (David)
Occupations Film and television director and producer
Portrayer Andrew Rannells

Bryan Richard Tyler Collins: Is a main character and spouse of David Sawyer. He is a father to Sawyer and his siblings


Season One


Bryan is first shown trying to create a video for his unborn child. The video starts out with him saying how desperately they want him/her. Later on he is seen telling his partner, David, that he wants to have a baby. At first, David doesn't know if they're ready because they wont be a normal family, but after they see a bunch of abnormal families in the park, Bryan explains to David that they are "The New Normal". Garry from Expanding Families comes over, but when he asks who will be the biological father they both say it will be them. After they then find a woman to be the egg donor, He and David then meet with Melissa. She threatens them through blackmail, saying that she'll drink alchohol and smoke if they don't give her a BMW. It is found out that she's not pregnant and that they found a new surrogate, Goldie, who Bryan says he's fond of. Bryan then tells David that he can be the biological father. In the end, he and David buy Goldie a lawyer suit.

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  • Claims to have OCD: 'Obsessive Chic Disorder'. (Sofa's Choice)
  • Writes for a Television show called 'Sing'.[1].
  • Is the first seen character.
  • Had a date with Lance Bass the night he met David, but got stood up. (Sofa's Choice)
  • He is loosely based on the creator, Ryan Murphy.
  • He hides junk food around the house because David doesn't let him eat it. (Obama Mama)
  • He wears tinted sunscreen.
  • The preliminary name for the character was originally "Bryan Buckley".[2]
  • He's lactose intolerant. (Baby Clothes)
  • He 'eats his feelings' when he is upset. (Bryanzilla)
  • He gets all his news from People Magazine. (Bryanzilla)
  • He was raised Catholic and loves the religion, but strayed away from it. (The Godparent Trap)
  • He's envious of Jesus' abs. (The Godparent Trap)
  • His Twitter user name is very similar to creator Ryan Murphy's.
  • Halloween is his favorite holiday. (Para-New Normal Activity)



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