Bryan-David Relationship
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Bravid or Dryan
Laverne and Shirley (Jane)

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Engaged, Sexual, In love

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Saywer Collins

The Bryan-David Relationship is the romantic relationship between Bryan Collins and David Sawyer. Their relationship status is boyfriends. Within real-world social networking circles, the character's relationship is sometimes referred to as Bravid, or Dryan. As of Bryanzilla , they are engaged, and in episode 22 they get married and have a son called Saywer


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They are seen talking about having a baby together and then in the park as they look at all the different couples and their kids, with Bryan showing David that abnormal is the new normal. Finally, David agrees and they start looking for egg donors and a surrogate mother. The first person that they try didn't get pregnant and was bribing them for stuff. They then get Goldie Clemmons and use her as a surrogate. They are seen talking about who is going to be the biological father for the baby and they then end up using David's sperm. They are seen talking with Goldie about why she would become a surrogate for a gay couple and subsequently in the lobby as Goldie gets the sperm and eggs implanted in her.

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  • They are loosely based off the creator of the show Ryan Murphy and his husband David Miller.
  • Until Sofa's Choice, they hadn't been to a bar since they met.
  • They are both Democrats.
  • David proposed to Bryan with a Ring Pop.
  • Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha appear to be very close on set; they call each other Laverne and Shirley and Andrew said about Justin that "He's very easy to be in love with,".
  • together they have several kids